Understanding Health Insurance

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Understanding insurance kesehatanadalah insurance products that bear the cost of the treatment to other medical treatment if the insured falls ill. The cost of treatment or health insurance benefits in general is inpatient care, outpatient care, and surgery.

Understanding Health Insurance According to the Expert and the Law
Understanding health insurance according to experts, one of which Prof dr. Wirjono Prodjodikoro, mentioned that insurance is an agreement that involves two parties, the insured and the insurer.

Of the insurer must reimburse the cost of the loss caused by the risk of the unexpected.

While, understanding health insurance according to the Law No. 40 of 2014 On Insurance is an agreement between two parties i.e. the insurance company and the policyholder, which became the basis for the acceptance of premium by the insurance company in return for:

Provide reimbursement to the policyholder due to the loss of the health of the unexpected
Provide payment based on the value that has been set on the results of the management of the fund
Health Insurance Benefits
After knowing how to work and understanding, it is also important to know its benefits. Health insurance benefits is medical expense coverage or health care in a hospital or other medical. The benefits are divided into two categories, namely, basic benefits and additional benefits (the rider).

  1. Basic Benefits
  2. Additional Benefits

Understanding Health Insurance Exemptions

Understanding Health Insurance
Understanding Health Insurance

In addition to the benefits of health insurance, there is also a clause exceptions that need to be considered. That is, there is some risk that is not covered by the company and written in full in the policy.

Here are some exceptions
It should be understood that each insurance company has a clause is an exception that is different. Therefore, before deciding to buy a health insurance policy, you should watch and learn the policy carefully, yes.

The law of Health Insurance in Indonesia

The law of health insurance was created and is governed officially by the government with the goal of ensuring the continuity of the related industry in Indonesia is running smoothly.

As for the teaser can be seen as follows:

Law No. 2 1992 Related To Insurance Business

Criminal code Article 1320 and article 1774

Commercial code Chapter 9 Chapter 246

Government Regulation No. 73 1992

Government Regulation No. 63 1999

Example Of A Health Insurance Policy

Example of a health insurance policy is evidence of a written agreement made by the insurance company to the policy holder or the customer.

The function as written evidence which explains in full the related rights and obligations, both from the insurance company as the insurer and the policyholder as the insured.
The Contents Of The Health Insurance Policy
Part-part in the health insurance policy include:

  1. The Identity Of The Polis
    policy number
    name of the policyholder
    the signature column of directors
    the provisions of the free look provision
    QR code[/accordion]
  2. Data Policy
    The address of the policyholder
    Kinds of insurance
    Money insurance
    Number of host to host
    Top up periodically
    How to pay premiums
    Payment service
    Beneficiaries of insurance
    Date of birth of the insured
    The name of the insured
    The end of insurance
    The end of the premium payment
    Start insurance
    The terms and benefits and the kinds of insurance[/accordion]
  3. Clause Exception
    In the health insurance policy has also been written in a clear clause exclusion or information associated risk what is not covered by the insurance. Usually is related care cosmetics, psychiatric disorders, HIV/AIDS, and much more.[/accordion]

How To Learn It

Learn the policy is very important so that the insured actually understand what benefits can be obtained when it occurs the risk of medical. With the thoroughness, the customer can also avoid the risk of a claim being rejected.

Here are some points that need to be considered when studying the example of health insurance policy:

Read Important Information

Learn The Policy Since The Beginning Of The

Know The Needs Of The

Compare Polis

Health Insurance Premiums
Health insurance premiums are the cost that must be paid periodically or all at once by the policyholder (the insured) to the insurance company (insurer). The amount of the premium itself varies with the range of 100 thousands – Rp2 millions (or more) per month.

In order not to select the wrong, trying to do a simulation of health insurance by comparing more than 500 best policy online!

Determinants Of The Price Of Health Insurance Premiums

List of health insurance premiums vary, depending on the profile of the prospective customers and the broad policy coverage selected. Here are some of the factors that determine the cost of health insurance:

  1. The Benefits Of The Insurance Policy
  2. Age and Gender
  3. Health History
  4. There Is A Return Of Premium Benefit
  5. Types Of Health Insurance

How To Get Health Insurance Premiums Cheaper
It should be understood that in the search for the policy should not only focus on premium health insurance cheap and best course. Therefore, it is useless if the premiums are cheap but the limit of insurance is not enough to bear the cost of care when sick. Even so, there are several ways that can be applied to get a premium friendly:

Have The Benefits Of CoB

Select Insurance Family Health

Buy Insurance From An Early Age

How To Claim Health Insurance

Claim health insurance in Indonesia is divided into two categories, namely cashless (non-cash) and reimbursements (cash).

Cashless claim is the most practical option, because the insured need only show the cards of the participants of insurance to the hospital partners. Then can directly obtain health services.

Meanwhile, the reimbursement require that the insured pay the hospital bill with personal funds first. After that, submit the claim to the insurance company associated, then the funds of the hospital bill was going to be replaced. The advantages of the method claims this is can be used in hospital non-partner of insurance companies.

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