Type of Property that Could Be a Long-Term and Profitable Investment

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Investing today is growing in popular demand as it offers benefits promising ones. In addition, the choice of type of property that can be used as investment is madegam.

Property it self does not occupy a building that can be inhabited as a place living, there are also warehouses and cavling grounds.

Type of Property Type

Well, if interested in buying property for long-term investment, the following is the type of property that can be selected.

Tread House (Landed House)

Tread house or grounded house being one of the most tire type properties is in demand as an investment product. Although lately living in apartments is becoming a trend in The Fatherland, yet the tread house also has many advantages.

For example, in terms of design, tread houses are more flexible than Yan apartments the design is already set by the developer. In addition, the monthly cost of the tread house is lower than an apartment.

Even so, there are also drawbacks. One of them is the location of a tattered house is now more on the edge of a big city. So that, if you want tread house investment, it needs to pay attention to the location of occupancy.

Even if the selected dwelling has a location in the suburbs, make sure that it is located has adequate infrastructure and accessibility.


The type of property that comes next is the apartment. As we know adults this vertical occupancy especially in big cities is much in demand.

Apartments are suitable for selection so property investment is due to being on the site of strategys, it’s not uncommon to be located on protocol streets.

Apartments are also in demand for millennials who don’t want to bother and want to live practical . This is because apartments are equipped with complete and modern facilities.

In terms of exterior and interior design, vertical occupancy is not to be doubted again the quality and aesthetic.


This property type match is selected for those of you who want to have the effort at once a residence.

Ruko or store house has a more expensive price than biased tread house, because it has more complicated clearance considerations.

Ruko investments are equally profitable, especially if they are in a stable area.

Usually, the ruko will be located in crowded places of good visitors it is in a mall, housing or on a busy highwayside.

SOHO (Small Office Home Office)

Hybrid apartments for both residential and commercial space make it easy for residents to work at once live in the same location.

Usually, SOHO-shaped loft apartments with very high ceiling unsuitable for building mezzanine for rest areas

Kavling Land

In addition to buildings, land is one of the properties that invests long.

The cavling land itself has the prospect of a fairly ideal price increase. Generally, reach 20-25% a year.

In fact, cavling soil does not require complicated treatment and risks of loss even tends to be small.


The above types of property types may already be familiar. But don’t forget, warehouses can also be an attractive option for property investment.

Just like other properties, warehouse investments also have many advantages, you know.

As the price of warehouses continues to rise, it is the same as the ever-increasing price of land experience a rise every year.

The warehouse can also be a business field used by itself or leased to other people.

Surely by renting a warehouse, you can get regular inflows by easy.


Well, that’s the information on what kind of property to choose from long-term vestments. May the above information be beneficial yes. Happy try!

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