The Excess and Weakness of Short-Term Investments

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For Moms who want to be still an investor, certainly must know the advantages and weaknesses of short-term investments.

Basically, any kind of investment it is certain have its advantages and risks respectively.

The Excess and Weakness of Short-Term Investments

Everything will go back on each Moms need-each. If Moms still feel fit with short-term investments, then it wouldn’t hurt to try, yes.

For an overview, the following is explained about the advantages and weaknesses of short-term investments, yes!

1. Short-term Overinvestment

Short-term investments typically range only 1 year only, so the return from this investment is fast. The amount of profit can also become larger. In addition, an excess of short-term investment, i.e. investor flexibility in cash disbursement. As investors, Moms can take profits the great in a short time.

Moms can also immediately take advantage that exist in a not very long time. That is why, short-term investment is suitable for meeting emergency needs or It is capable of sufficient daily economic needs.

2. Weakness of Short-Term Investment

Despite its advantages, short-term investment also has its own risks that Moms needs to understand.

Arguably, the movement of the value of the instrument invests short-term breast runs so fast that Moms take a lot of time to check. Moms should also be observant in choose when time to make a sale and buy, if you want to earn multiple benefits You.

Short-term investment is also greatly influenced by inflation, so that it can reduce the return on investment it self.


That’s the explanation of the advantages and weaknesses short-term investments. If it is still confused what is included in short-term investments you can ask it on the comment column below. Thank you.

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