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Posted on – The question that most often arises, is the minimum deposit for trading major share in Indonesia. The answer is different depending on the broker. For that I survey to some of the major brokers and popular to know how much that really is the minimum deposit.

Stock is one of the financial instruments with the potential for the highest profit. The history of the show from year to year, in the long term, the return on the stock investment is the best.

Note this has been proven in a variety of financial research, especially in the United States and developed countries. How about in Indonesia ?

JCI – stock price index composite-during the last 20 years to successfully provide profit reaching 14x fold or 1.400%. The rate of profit is very high, especially if compared to other financial instruments.

So, if You have the money 1 million, to buy shares in the stock exchange, then in 20 years later, the money is so worth Usd 14 million, without the need to be given support. This record is quite impressive.

Since the pandemic in the year 2020, a lot of people, especially, retail investors plunge into stock investing. Investment Buy sell existing shares on the stock exchange.

Investment Activities increased dramatically. Dominated by retail investors aged 20 – 30 years.

One of the questions most frequently asked by the retail investor, this is how the capital. How much money is needed to buy shares on the stock exchange.

Whether expensive or cheap ? Affordable or not.

The problem is, the minimum requirements to be able to be able of the transaction on each broker is different. Any securities brokers have their own policies.

From the side of the stock exchange authorities are also no rules about how much is the minimum deposit which will be saved to broker a person can be the beginning of a stock transaction.

To find out, I conducted a survey on some stock brokers are quite famous. I checked what is the minimum deposit to be able to buy or sell the stock.

INDOT Indopremier

IPOT is a stockbroker from securities PT Indopremier. One of the brokers that are popular in Indonesia.

This Broker is popular because it is widely used by retail investors. This app is one of the most widely used.

PT Indo Premier (“IndoPremier”) have the permission of the institution of the Capital Market Supervisory Authority Financial Services (FSA) number-11/PM/PPE/1996 and is a financial market because of it’s many features: sell and buy shares, stocks, trade, and other, which helps capital market to invest.

Data from the Indonesia Stock Exchange, the period from January to 2020 April, shows that the Prime Minister Indo, Police broker code, rank 10 as an intermediary for the most active of the value of the transaction on the stock exchange with a total transaction of Rp 43 trillion and frequency of 5.3 million times.

A high frequency of transactions in the Indo Premier shows the number of retail investors who use these securities. Generally, the retail investors are relatively more often conduct transactions compared to institutional investors.

The financial products offered by the Prime Minister of Indo quite complete, that:

Buy stock sold through its function as an intermediary and a Member of the Indonesia Stock Exchange
The loan stock IPO
The sale of bonds and securities Retail
Supermarket mutual funds through IPOTFund.
The obligation to maintain a minimum capital has been removed,no longer in IndoPremier securities.

There is no minimum capital to be able to transactions in Indopremier Securities.

Customers can open an account in Indopremier. Then, if You want to do a transaction from the purchase of a stock, new customers deposit the exact amount that must be purchased.

So, if the value of trading stock-Rp 100 thousand, the customer is practical only need to deposit $ 100 thousand to Indopremier.

Most Mandiri Sekuritas

PT Maniri Securities is a subsidiary of Bank Mandiri and have the permission of the owner of the stock through a decree of agency Capital Market Supervision (Bapepam)No 12 of 1992 and allowed the Baptist the DECRITERS through a decree of 13 years old 13 Years old, registered and Financial Supervisory Authority FSA).

The company offers investment products finished:

Stockslot type
Mutual funds
Training, online and offline, as well as training materials also given complete on the site Mandiri Sekuritas.

Update of the research and discussion of the stock as well as specific topics in depth is provided free to the customer.

The provisions of transactions at Mandiri Sekuritas.

Account options available: regular, Sharia and full service.
The original loan Minimum to open account: to students of Rp 2,000,000 for general Rp 5.000.000, full service $ 100,000.000.

Sahambit Sinarmas Sekuritas

PT Sinarmas Sekuritas was established in the year 1988 with the name of “PT Sinarmas Ekagraha money Changer” involved in foreign exchange, traveler’s checks, and other securities in foreign exchange. In 1989, the name of PT Sinarmas Ekagraha Money Changer changed to ” PT Sinarmas Ekagraha “and be” PT Sinarmas Securities ” in 1995.

PT Sinarmas Sekuritas in business as a broker (“PPE”) has obtained a license from BAPEPAM No. Keep-83/PM/1992 February 29, 1992 so that it can perform transactions in securities such as stocks, bonds and derivative products they are either in the primary market or the secondary market.

PT Sinarmas Sekuritas has become one of the top 20 brokers, the most active and one of 30 traders in securities transactions with the highest value.

One of the interesting features of the securities Sinarmas is the cooperation of the company with the stock community facilities stock. Customers can open an account at Sinarmas Sekuritas online through the platform of the stock bits.

The stock is a community of traders and stock investors. A lot of discussion and interesting conversations happening in this community, which could be important information for the main.

The Minimum Deposit at Sinarmas Sekuritas for the opening of the account is $ 50.000.

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