Short-Term Investment Goals

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Fundamentally, term investment both short and long-term investments must be tailored to each family’s financial capabilities. Each family also has different interests and needs.

Every family is also certainly body different financial planning for the future. Avoid investing only for sheer sophistication or just jump on the bandwagon of trends that are currently being crowded with talk.

Short-Term Investment Goals

Then, what is the purpose of doing short-term investment?

Having a Specific Purpose

Short-term investment could be in pull in a short period of time.

To this end, this investment is way of saving is appropriate and quite profitable when Moms plans to buy a specific need or want a vacation.

Suppose, Moms wants to buy car by next year, prepare DP buying a house, or plan to take a vacation abroad with family in the coming years, then short-term investment is the right choice.

Anticipate Unexpected Needs

Broadly speaking, the entire The environment, including short-term investments, is a viable option for anticipation of unforeseen events.

Suppose, sometime Moms or couples have difficulty in earning, then investment can be a usable emergency fund.

Again, due to investment Short numbers are also temporary, so Moms can take them when needed.

Avoiding Debt

When comes the bill is not guess and Moms doesn’t have more savings, so it’s often going to borrow money or owe. This is the importance of making short-term investments.

Preferably, Moms can arrange financial planning in such a way, to avoid debt that ultimately also protects Moms households going forward.

Learn to Commit

Short-term investment indeed its nature is temporary, yet this could train Moms to learn to commit to saving.

When Moms can set financially and set it aside to invest, then long-term Moms will be trained to be able to invest long-term.


Those are some of the objectives of investment short-term that might have corresponded to the current Moms.

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