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Want To Find A Complete property In Indonesia – The development of technology make it easier for You in all things, one of which is to find the ideal property easy just in the palm of hand.

OnList aims to help You find the best solution in search of occupancy by giving options and the best range. With the vision as a service platform leader that prioritizes innovation and commitment to improve the quality in creating the safety and comfort of trade buy/sell/rent a house, land, shop, apartment, etc in terms of both the law and the facts on the ground.

As well as one of its mission of providing comfort and safety to the consumer transaction.

Find A Complete property In Indonesia

Why Should OnList?

With thousands of agents and millions of property listings complete, OnList present are ready to help You find the dwelling of Your dreams. In addition, OnList supported with Features that allow You only with the hand grip saja loh!. Of course, this will be rarely found on the site selling the property to another. Include:

Data Valid

OnList have a standard criteria property listings are high, You do not need to hesitate with data property OnList because it has been proven valid. There is also a Filter feature that can help You find Your dream property, which consists of; the type of property, size of land, the size of the building, the condition of the property, as well as the price.

OnList also apply the system to the Multi-Agent System (MAS), so You will not find a double listing. This feature can display the agents who handle such a property, so as to give the advantage to You because of the availability of a selection of agencies that You can contact.

Easy To Use

By using this site, You can search for information by location with easily. For example, if You want to search for a property or building that is located in the area Bintaro, automatically this site will show you all the dwelling that can be purchased or rented in the area around Bintaro.

It looks very friendly, namely in the form of Maps, so it will be easier for You in the search for the occupancy in accordance with the desired location. The presence of features of search agents that are on the site OnList also be special advantages that will facilitate You. How not through the features this one, you’ll know the property agents that are around You. So You don’t need to bother to go to the property agent one by one manually, You just need to surf by using the site this one.

You can also get the information for the sale and purchase of land, shop, warehouse, building, office, kiosk to kos kosan available on the website of this one. by using one platform only, You can get everything about the property You need. With the data complete and accurate course will give you a sense of confidence to buy that property.

Search Feature

Have one of the features that can facilitate You looking for dream property only with the hand grip. Therefore, this site answer the problems that often You meet when you’re looking for a residential dream. For example, when You have not found the dwelling of Your dreams and not fit in with the existing property on the website, You can use the Search feature in OnList. Here, You can add search requests to find a property that is desirable. In using the features on this one, You need to buy it first.

Prices for one-query itself is about 50 thousand dollars. After the payment process is completed, You can fill the form from the request. Check the returns request form that has been filled is appropriate or not. Note the name, phone number, and also the completeness of the data You have.

Once it is complete, You can submit such a request. You will just need to wait if there are listings which have been appropriate. Sometimes a property agent will also contact You directly if there is a suitable property. Then will be connected directly with an agent which has the characteristics of the dwelling of Your dreams. You do not need to worry as the site of one is connected with thousands of trusted agency and note the property is complete.

Simulation MORTGAGE Calculator

Have a dwelling dream of becoming the dream of everyone. Lots of easy buy it in cash or hard cash. However, not a few who can purchase with a credit or installments depending on the size of income. With installments can lighten the load like taking a MORTGAGE. However, many also fall and be a big burden because there is no previous calculation.

Now, OnList present to provide a solution for You who have a plan for property loans with a present simulation MORTGAGE calculator. It is very easy, You can choose the type of credit, then enter the price in the column. You do simulation MORTGAGE, You can make its own estimate what the cost would be each month and how long. Follow the steps above yeah, so You can minimize the risk of what happens if will take a MORTGAGE

Another unique feature that You might not find on site selling the other is the presence of a variety of articles that contain tips and suggestions related to the property. By doing so, You not only will be presented with a price the price of the property only.

But, You can read the article about tips on choosing a property and also others on website this one. In the world of property, information update indeed be the thing most needed. No need to worry, by visiting OnList you will be presented with a wide variety of information related to the world of property. Each week, You will find a minimum of three recent article that contains the latest information from the world of property.

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