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watsoncrombie.com– Page learn forex is organized exclusively and comprehensively by educator best forex in Indonesia, for You who want to learn and become a successful trader in later in the day.

Learning forex is divided into four classes. In each class You will learn all the important things that You need to master in order to succeed in the world of forex trading.

Beginner Class

On beginner class, You’ll learn to understand how to work and how to trade and get to know the potential profit from trading forex and gold.

Base Class

In this class, You will learn to predict the movement of prices in the forex market and maximize the profit potential of using technical indicators.

Advanced Classes

At the advanced class, You will learn about how to increase the potential profit from trading forex and gold with the use of chart trading.

Pro Class

Through the pro class, You will learn a combination of indicators and how to create a trading system and its application through the management of capital and risk.

Things that need to be prepared to start learning forex

There are three main things You need to prepare before start learning forex, even before You make a transaction in forex trading and commodities, namely:

Hardware (hardware)
Software (software)
Knowledge (knowledge)

The Hardware here is a computer, laptop, smartphone, or other electronic devices that powered the internet. With the use of hardware this is, You will operate the software which is used for trading in the market forex MetaTrader which You can download here.

Then, so You can access the forex market, then You need to have a real account first (if the goal want to directly transact using capital real).

But, if You want to try it first to learn and practice trading, as well as to recognize the character of the forex market, then You can use the demo account.

Real account and the demo account has the difference in price. On a real account, the price used is the actual price. The movement of the price is completely real-time and in accordance with the market conditions at that time. While the price on a demo account, the movement was not as happening in the real account.

In FOREXimf price movements that occur in the real account and the demo can almost be said to be similar. So demo account FOREXimf is suitable You use to practice and hone Your trading skills.

However, both of the above will not be too useful if it is not offset by the knowledge (knowledge) which is adequate for forex trading. Become a follower alone

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