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Watsoncrombie.com – For beginners which will make your website still pet and think to buy a domain like what. Many offer free domain along with freenom often popping up in ads, giving rise to doubts in choosing.

The Domain used for the addressing of a website, such as ceritakata making it easier for people to remember it. If compared to having to remember the IP address contains a row of numbers, addressing domain is more human friendly.

Choose using the hosting and domain free to start a website is not something bad choices. Moreover, if it is still the early stages of learning to manage the website and use the free domain for the owner remains in the service provider’s site.

In freenom if someone tries to register a domain can be a domain will instantly be removed from the dashboard and then given to other users who want to pay. Free Domain.kindergarten should not be abused to create a website that harm many parties.

If it will start writing on the blog of course want to have a blog with a domain name that is easy to remember and not too long. Then, when using the machine in seache engine is easy, although the use of the domain gratisan.

If it has been long in the world of bloggers and income will usually buy a domain. However, if new join and not income do not worry because now it’s already a lot of website domain provider free to learn.

These sites are websites that provide free domain will provide various services. For example eliminate the domain name for a few months, yearly, even forever. Domain name with the name or initials that are difficult to remember’s free forever.

Sometimes a website or blog with a free domain along with freenom be at the top in the Google search engine. A domain name is not important, but the how to site manager in presenting unique content, attractive,and as well as useful.

Thus, the information presented many who seek it. Especially if the content is presented to contain relevant keywords and has been optimized with SEO techniques optimally. Then, the site will persist on the first page of search engine.

Free Domain Along with Freenom that Could Be an Option

The government issued a discourse in the middle of the year 2015 – 2016 that by 2020 at least there should be a site-to-site hosting service provider and domain. The websites also include a free domain for the learning for anyone who needs.

It has a purpose so that people can develop IT skills a person has. Especially for business people who want to learn to promote their business through a professional site. The free domain will make the community can be more flexible in learning to develop its website.

There is also a website which provides free domain forever to users of the website or blog. The following is a list of domains that can be selected to create a website or blog:

  1. co.nr

Site giver domain service for free for 1 year with the first extension .co.nr is easy to remember and short. For example, ceritakata.co.nr. This site does not provide hosting. So, the domain name can be redirected to addressing hosting in another place to the manufacture website, blog, forum or another web page.
Since 2003, this company has been providing a free domain in addition to freenom to users who are in need. However, to access this site turned out limited to a few countries and Indonesia is not able to access it.
There is the address of the site that gives other domains .co.nr free with the address https://www.freedomain.pro/. The website does not include and insert banner ads and popup ads at all.

Domain .co.nr can be used for addressing the original website or just masking to shut down the website address of the original order not to be considered spam on social media sites. So, you can wear it as a free domain along with freenom.

  1. kindergarten

The company allows users to register a free domain which is a desire to adjust. Allow the user to use the name of a private server so that it is allowed to make DNS changes.
On the website this website provides an extension of the domain Cctld 2 digit a free domain .kindergarten to anyone who needs during a 1 year first. extension .kindergarten is the code of the country of Tokelau in the region of New Zealand, the South Pacific Ocean.

Since 2001, the company serves domain sale then famous after freenom acquired. 2013 very popular but the collapse of his reputation at the same time by multiple users utilize the domain extension for free .kindergarten to create a website scams.

  1. cc

Free Domain along with freenom namely Co,cc is specialized for the user’s personal non-commercial use. Special for website commercial to buy at a very low cost, while personal blog 100% free.
For bloggers given the ease with free domain registration co.cc and provides easy mounting arrangements directly to the blogger platform. Directly set the DNS address (mx, a, chame,ns, or txt) and well-known service providers co.cc domain provider free best but it went bankrupt and closed.

  1. ly

Business site will be cool if using an extension of the domain biz.ly and is still actively give you a free domain for the learning for users up to now. Please to claim a free domain name for one year from now and add it to the server host company.

Since 2002 up to now, in addition to providing free domain also offers service hosting for free with free-of-charge. Although space hosting available fairly small 50Mb as well as a monthly transfer of 1000MB.

Free Domain for learning is intended for beginners so it does not need to be confused to think of a PHP script and HTML because it had been available a lot of free website templates to allow users to build website within a seconds.

  1. ga

Free Domain extension My.ga has many uses including in a personal blog or blog Mp3. Blog that discusses the content of food and the beauty of the natural fit to use this domain.

  1. gq

Looking for a free domain along with freenom can choose dominio.gq. Although still rare for users to use because it rarely sounded so impressed stranger, If, requiring a domain with the extension gq can rely on this company.

  1. clouddns.net

The company site is already changing the domain name of clouddns.net into asia.clouddns,net. The services are provided free domain name and hosting package free DNS. For every member has the right to claim 3 domains, 4 DNS server 3 DNS zone, 3 email transfers, dynamic DNS and other.

Among beginners suitable to use this domain because the interface is simple. If, experiencing problems, contact the technical assistance with how to open a online ticket. But, the page name registration free domain have been removed and replace the domain registration the first time during the 1 year discount of up to 93%

  1. com

The site of the company is famous for in the time of 1 month has been processing up to 1 million DNS queries. On the DNS management company offers many of the features for free, and free domain. Have the perfect server for number of TTL low.

It means that the company always renew the recordings made on the Internet is not up to 5 minutes. For French citizenship, Romania, and Texas is no guarantee redudasi and scalability. Free Domain for learning suitable for beginners free domain other than blogspot.

Well, that’s the list of domain free in addition to frenom that can be used to create a domain for free. By having a website to build a business or blog to the bloggers certainly very helpful. Please select which one is suitable.

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