8 Best Online Gold Investment Applications to Make a Choice, Let’s Check!

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The presence of a number of top online gold investment applications, making many people semakin’ hard to invest in gold. How not, it’s because these applications are very easy to use.

As is well known, gold is one of the best forms of investment since a long time ago. But the difference is, the current investment in gold could be made very easily.

Online Gold Investment Applications

Here’s a list of the best online gold investment applications to choose fromn, in full particular for you. Check it out together, yuk!

Digital Deduplication

The best online gold investment app you should try first, which is Deduplication Digital. This application belongs to the Indonesian financial sector BUMN, enabling the community to make easier transactions. It’s because for your own gold investment, this app allows you to refine gold station with only Rp5,000.

Oh, can you? Sure can. The way it is, simply do the registration more You, by filling in some personal information needed, then uploading an ID photo. If that works, then you can directly use the Deduplication application digital, and invest there. To be noted, this application could not be used to invest only, however it can also be to buy, sell, transfer up to gold printing.


Next there is Pluang, which is also one of many investment applications the best online golden breast, which can be made into a choice. That’s because, the gold investment system here is very easy. You can invest.si by way of doing top up funds from various banks and GoPay, after successfully performing data registration and verification.

In addition, Pluang also guarantees that all gold in the application is maintained with good, because it is kept by PT. Clearing Tipta Indonesia, which is actually a BUMN. Interestingly, the purchase price of gold in Pluang is very affordable and has a difference the least rga, which is three percent. For additional information, all the gold you have in Pluang can later printed and certified Antam.


This INDOGOLD application is also very interesting to take care of, as it has many sophisticated, like the Gold Plan feature, which is useful to know the standard of selling small quantities of gold, then be able to print them in physical form.


Which of you has heard of the INDOGOLD app? Become one of the best online gold investment applications, INDOGOLD allows you and other people to make gold investments starting with Rp500 only. All the gold balances stored in this application can also be printed to donature of physical forms such as Antam, as well as USB Gold on condition of withdrawal of a minimum of one gram.

In addition to the top three online gold investment applications above, you can also heat upfaire the E-mas application. These apps that have been standing since 2014 are not just the best apps, but it is also a reliable application, since it is already registered with the Ministry of Communication and Information, as well as Fintech Indonesia.

In this E-mas app in addition to being able to invest, you can also transact the shopper, as well as checking the price of gold very easily.

Gold Tokopedia

Who would have thought that it turned out to be one of the largest e-commerce in Indonesia, namely Tokopedia has the best online gold investment app called Tokopedia Gold.

Yes, currently Gold Tokopedia is partnering with Deduplication. So, you’re the wheezing one. Invest gold in this app, so it’s certain your gold investment is well stored in Deduplication, and you can also print it there. But for those of you who haven’t invested in Gold Tokopedia and want to. The encobe, don’t worry. Because, this application has already been supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).


As Bukalapak’s best online gold investment application, BukaEmas can be the choice of gold investment place is affordable for people, because it can start at Rp100 only, or about 0.0001 gram. Not only that, BukaEmas is also a trusted investment place, because it has already partnered with INDOGOLD and Antam who have had OJK clearance.

If at any time you wish to sell the gold that is owned, a process that must be completed Even a cuckoo is very easy.But before selling gold, know first that the amount of gold that can be sold, starting at 0.0001 grams. If the sale of gold is successful, the proceeds from the sale will go to BukaEmas, to be later transferred to your verified bank account.


Already registered with Fintech Indonesia, BAPPEBTI, as well as the Ministry of Communication and Information, Lakuemas offered how to buy and sell gold online, which started at IDR 50 thousand.


Application the last best online gold investment, namely Tamasia. This is an application that can be used to sell gold, starting at IDR 10,000.

Application which has been assured of its safety, it has been confirmed that it is registered with the Ministry of Communication and Information, and is under the supervision of BAPPEBTI.

Tamasia nor is it much different from other gold investment applications, as stored gold can also be printed into physical form.


That’s a few of the best online gold investment apps .All those apps, of course, can be used well to invest in gold. But if you still are hesitate to invest in gold, then you can try other forms of investment, such as savings.

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