6 Modern Classic House Design Inspiration

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There is a great deal of house design preferred to date. Such designs are usually very closely related to the style and character of the homeowner.

One design of that house is up to this is still fancied and popular is the home of modern classics. A classic-style house can look luxurious without having to fear its design being outdated by the times.

Modern Classic House Design Inspiration

Want to build a modern classic house by himself? This time’s article will cover the full regarding:

Luxury Classic House

The sumptuous classic house has a k characteristic… which you can take from a luxurious modern classic house one of them is on the use of the colors of the exterior of the house. Bright colors like pastel white The blue roof is a thick statement that the house is very elegant.

To further strengthen the classic touch, you can also use a railing on the veranda of the house with a charming model and dark color so that elegant impressions can be radiated from the outside of your luxurious house.

2-Story Modern Classic House

One of the advantages of contemporer design is you could compact it easily including on the modern classic 2-story house you want. Start first on the outside, You could try to blend contemporary French style with modern minimalist designs that exist today. The use of white kusen is very viscous in classical style and combined with be glued on the outer window that can be make a house more luxurious.

Don’t forget to use the door made of teak wood material that has large veins and a slightly dark red color to create an expensive shade when you’re about to enter the house.

1-story Modern Classic House

When you have a piece of land yang is spacious and does not want to build a hipped-and-gabled dwelling, then you could try to build a modern classic 1-story house style ranch. Ranch design is identical to the outskirts of the village you can align with the modern minimalist design so that the house can still look attractive for a long time. In order not to lose the impression of the ranch, you can use of brightly colored wood that is age of the spruce on the main door and the garage from the house.

3-Story Modern Classic House

If the land you own doesn’t have is a large size, you can still make it happen by building a modern classic 3-story house. Narrow ground is not an excuse your house cannot appear luxurious. You could try to adopt the design of a modern British country-style masonry house without eliminating its classical elements. Don’t forget also to add bright paint colors the efforts of the house did not seem bleak.

European Style Modern Classic

If you are pleased with the splend, then You could try to implement a modern European-style classic house design. The house with the European model is already very distinctive with a magnificent design as it is castle. Nevertheless, the design can still be adapted to modern residential design so that it can still look attractive. One way that could make a European-style house could seem modern is by vaporizing ranger the use of curved lines and replace them with firm lines on some parts in the house.

Classic Portuguese House

When you get tired of classical design which is too flashy, then you could try to apply a much simpler modern classical Portuguese style design and not much of an odd accent. Portuguese style houses that have the concept of coming from Cast Iron Architecture are usually very easy to combine with modern design because of their fairly youthful initial design look. to condense a modern impression on classic house Portuguese style, you could use a kusen made of aluminum and combined with the colors of the dark.


So is the article about 6 Inspirations Design Modern Classic House ,may this article be of help to those of you who are looking for ideas about modern classic house design. Thank you.

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