5 Smart Ways to Avoid Investment Twitch Fraud

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Covid-19 pandemic puts people’s economic conditions at riskuk. As a consequence, economic difficulties trigger an increase in the crime rate, one of which triggers people to launch fraudulent acts twitching investment.

The Investment Alert Task Force also admitted during the Covid pandemicd-19 cases of fraud twitching investment fraud remain in place with its various modes online. Communities urged to stay at home tend to be more active surfing online. It’s also in line There’s a growing online scam.

Smart Ways to Avoid Investment Twitch Fraud

Well, to avoid investment fraud, there are a few way do able, include :

Be aware of high returns in a short time

Investment fraud offenders usually offer returns investment is high in the short term. Therefore, never trust an investment offer that makes becoming rich suddenly or quickly rich in a short time.

Ensure his business permission

As a smart prospective investor, it is certainly mandatory for certify the person or company offering the investment product has permission in accordance with its field of business or business.

Unfortunately, however, the aspect of the legality of the agency that offers product is often not noticed by the public because various ways are done to ensure high returns that are not actually logical.

No investment without risk

Investment fraud offenders usually deceive victims by investment offers with high returns that are tantalizing without risk or with small risk.

The thing is, society or so often only pays attention the rate of results offered (return), but forgetfulness and lack of regard for potential risks that may occur.

Don’t buy a cat in a sack

a society aggrieved with imitations and promises of imbalances high yield without regard to risk, usually making investments due to ‘ proximity factors’, such as suppose relatives, or siblings.

Therefore do not be tempted easily by persuasion friends or colleagues or close family.

Keep personal data

Fraud is twitching investment with a high return of rarely target victims’ personal data ranging from pin, username, password and other important personal data.

It’s not uncommon for fraudsters to contact victims through social media counterfeit (no blue tick) in the name of a certain financial or securities company for the purpose of breaking into a personal account or having the victim transfer a certain amount of money for greater results.


So some tips on avoiding fraud twitching investigations that you can do, hopefully help.

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