5 Forex Brokers Official in Indonesia And Around the World

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Watsoncrombie.com – What is the meaning and criteria of best from the broker? Forex is a financial instrument with a value of trading in the world’s largest, exceeding the instruments and other instruments. Both the forex market is also large in Indonesia, especially with the advent of the construction of online investing. Right before the investment, of course you have to know how to choose the best broker.

A Forex Broker is a party that can serve the retail transactions would be arranged so that each individual trader can allow it to trade with a request to the front of any broker traders query can be a step in the forex market. Untukex this broker could be companies, institutions, institutions, institutions, or individuals.

The competition in the forex market is very tight with the presence of a number of forex brokers and selection of features and products provided. You have to know how to choose the right broker and the best so the advantage is of course also the maximum. This time, already summarizes a variety of the best forex brokers in Indonesia and the world, to choose a forex broker is the best for you.

List Broker Forex terbaik Di Indonesia 2020 until 2021

After knowing tips on finding the intermediary which is best, you should also know the list of brokers anything that can be selected, especially in Indonesia. List the name of the seller forex listed in Babpebti 2020 and 2019.

1. PT Global Kapital Investama Bergangka

The best recommendations for the passengers first, there is the investment of the capital of PT Global Berkjangka that owns the trademark named GKInvest. This company is based in Jakarta and have received permission from the Babpebti. PT Global Capital Internama future also became an official member in two famous exchange in Indonesia, with the aim of Indonesian commodities and transactions derivative (ICDX) and the exchange of The Future of Jakarta (c).

GKInvest offers innovative technology with products trade services, ranging from currency, stock indices, precious metals, and oil. In addition, GKInvest also provide free training for his clients to become successful traders. Even in the month of May 2019, GKInvest ranked first in trading volume in bilateral transactions in Indonesia.

2. PT Asia Trade Point futures

Trade in Asia is also considered one of the intermediaries in Indonesia. One of the investment package that is provided, namely the choice of a Deposit of 10 million rupiah. Each package includes education about forex education free and this is certainly useful for novice traders. Although it is not as easy and as effective as brokers international, Asia trade is already registered in the Babpebti so she believes. One of the Best forex brokers 2020 has a variety of products ranging from forex, Precious Metals, buying and selling commodities, oil, and other.

Features of forex the best broker in Asia:

  • Brand name: trade ASIA
  • Platform: ATPF Trader 4 for Desktop, ATPF Trader 4 for Mobile, Appateral
  • Analysis: news, technical analysis, events
  • Product: forex, Oil, Gold, and multi-unilateral
  • Education: Learning Forex and provides webinars, even face-to-face

3. PT Monex Investmentindo Futures (MIFX)

Forex Broker best next there Monex Invetindo service with Spreads starting from 0. That is, the profits can be driven with the maximum spread will be very minimal. This Broker also offers a free demo to start learning forex trading. Comfort You can see below:

  • Legality: officially registered in Babpebti
  • Market execution: real-time transactions and market execution
  • Disbursement: the withdrawal of funds easily
  • Attention: use your smartphone
  • Spread: start from 0
  • Speed: trade faster without delay
  • Account: the best security is assured with the system account which registered
  • Customer service 24 hours a day

4. PT. MRG Mega

MRG Mega formerly known as the future’s askap PT has the features of Social Trading so that novice traders can learn from the experiences of the experienced traders. This Broker requires a minimum deposit of 5 million and relatively affordable for novice traders who want to try to trade.

Forex Broker best local was founded in 1998 and is a realtor companies in Indonesia in the future is recognized by the government. The company has also become one of the pilot project, which received the customer’s electronic do the transaction of 0.1.

Features of Forex the best broker PT. MRG Mega::

  • Deposit: starts from USD $ 500
  • Transactions: lot, 0.1 lot
  • System: having a trading system deposit online integrated and withdrawal returned very easy and fast
  • Trading: Metatrader 4 features Market Execution, demo accounts


OCTA.ID have receive permission from BAPPEBTI given to operate in Indonesia. The Interface is also the same with OctaFX broker, and of course adapted to the Indonesian market. Trading Platform owned by PT. Octa invest Berkangka involved in Trading Commodity Futures and Derivatives. OCTA.ID give the best service with the advanced technology of today in the stock futures Ground Water. The company became a local broker that offers high liquidity with the price and the spread of competitive, but still transparent.

Features of Forex the best broker OCTA.ID:

The MetaTrader4 Platform: it has a lot of advantages and are supported by all operating systems of windows, Mac and mobile applications that can be accessed on Android and iOS
Rebate, influence, cost benefit
Facilities, transaction and customer service (CS) which can be accessed for 24 hours either telephone or live chat

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