5 Easy Gold Investment Ways for Beginners

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Already have a fixed non art income your future is assured. To ensure that your future is better, there is one action that should be taken early, namely investment. Investing in whatever form it takes, it’s mandatory to do while you still have a steady income. Many types of investments are selectable, ranging from stock investments, deposits, land, to gold. This latest type of investment is a mid-rise investment option in this time of the Covid-19 pandemic. There are several ways gold investments can be made.

Gold is not only popular as jewelry, fire is also considered a very profitable investment option. What chapter? Because gold is an item whose price has an upward tendency as well as rarely decreases in significant quantities. One example is what’s now happening in times of the Covid-19 pandemic. The price of gold saw a significant increase. Now gold is being hunted as an investment tool so it’s important for you to know how to invest in gold.

How to Invest Easy Gold

Because of its growing popularity, tires the man who started turning to gold investment. There is no need to worry if you are among those who want to invest in this precious metal but don’t know how to invest in safe gold. But actually how do safe gold investments for start-ups? Here’s the review.

Ensure gold investment destinations

Before embarking on a gold investment, make sure know what your purpose is to invest. A safe way of investing in gold is to know well its purpose in investing. Many goals could be targeted at investing gold, whether for marriage savings, education, or old-age investments.

Or for example, you are already targeting Nature in the next 10 years will stop working and start her own business. Then the income from your salary is partly set aside and invested in gold. If you already have a clear goal like this then you’d better know how much gold is invested each month. That’s the first safe gold investment way for start-ups.

Monitor gold price development periodically

The next way to invest in gold is mespell out the periodic development of gold prices. Currently, it is not difficult to monitor gold price developments. Many websites on the internet display gold price development every day. Then there is also an app on mobile that can display gold price developments.

What is your goal of monitoring price progress gold? Gold even though it is known as the most stable investment tool sometimes also experiences a decline in prices. Although rare, it doesn’t hurt to buy it. Then when suddenly the price of gold is soaring, you also have the option to sell it. However, it should be understood that gold investment should be made for the long-term investment type, which is within 5-10 years. That’s the second way of investing gold.

Buy gold in a trusted place

The next way gold investment is to know know the place of purchase of gold. There are some places that sell gold bars to invest. However you’d better buy gold in places that sell officially and reliably. It is official to sell gold by including letters and certificates because there is a gold seller who supplies the precious metal quickly but it is not included with the certificate. Just gold the bat.

One of the recommended places and the way gold investment is to buy it at PT ANTAM. You can buy it directly at the gold sales booth at PT ANTAM office or e-commerce sites that do sell gold from PT ANTAM officially. Then you can also buy and open a gold savings account at PT Pegada. Both are State-Owned Enterprises or SOEs so that the sales are more reliable.

Secure gold storage

Next way easy gold investment in Follow by beginners. There’s a look at the storage place. One of the tips or ways to invest in gold is you should also understand a safe gold storage place. The easiest thing is to keep it in your own home in a safe or safety box. If you feel less secure you could also keep it in the Safe Deposit Box (SDB) that the bank offers. Surely if choosing to use the SDB, there is an additional cost required. Prices for using SDBs are relatively dependent with respective banks. For SDB itself other than gold can is utilized to store both goods and other valuables such as house or land certificates.

Future focus

How to invest that ace next is the focus in the future. You have to understand that investment is savings for the future whether it’s short-term or long-term, which could be 10 to 15 years ahead. So when making investments, including gold investments, it needs patience in seeing the results. Gold investment is so suitable as a long-term investment that its yield is only felt at least 5-10 years ahead. Remember, investment is different from selling that it does aim to seek profit in a short time. Because it’s in investing gold, you have to focus towards the goals and the future you want to achieve. So, focusing on the future is the way gold investments can apply.


That’s 5 tips and the way gold investments could be followed by start-ups. Gold until now is still favored by most Indonesian people as an investment tool. So it’s important for those of you who want to invest to understand the way gold invests.

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