5 Design and Size of Bar Table for Minimalist Houses

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By making your house into attractive then automatic will make you more and more at home to stay at home with your entire beloved family. There are many ways to make your home can become more attractive. One is by adding a mini bar table inside your house.

You could decorate your interior by balancing customize a relaxing room with a suitable bar table size. Add a bar table to the one that has an attractive design and fits the look from your home.

Bar Table Design and Size

In order for you to determine what bar table is the most suitable for home then check out the following recommendations :

1. Curved Bar with Red Chairs

The first bar table design option is Curved Bar with Red Chairs. This curved bar table will create an attractive effect and expand the width of a bar that is small in size so that it makes more of your family members to sit on chairs and enjoy chatting together. Red color selection is also used for the bus room becomes more attractive and creates an ecstatic atmosphere.

2. Mini Bar with Glass Island

If you have a minimalist house then you could add bars with dark color accents and the addition of glass as a table of those bars. The dark black color will give off a luxurious and expensive impression and then combine with a minimalist tempered glass and attractive look.

3. Wooden Bar with Cabinets

Minimalist house combined with auxiliary axlen wooden furniture could make the house look luxurious and look very natural. Mini bars that have the main material of wood can make your house very natural especially if you add it with storage cabinets or cabinets that are wood-based as well. You can choose wood that has sinews so that these two attractive combinations can look even more firm and put ahead with the flexibility.

4. Teakwood Mini Bar

The bar table design which is next is teakwood mini bar. Using brightly colored wood combined with a dark color composition will make your mini bar look luxurious. Be sure to make enough lighting for the mini bar to look even more attractive.

5. Glass Mini Bar with Green Chair

If you want to create a lively and natural impression so you can make a mini bar with a glass table and put together with a chair that is green. Green color games are just right to be in the dining room or kitchen and make your mini bar even more attractive. Also use additional accents such as lights with warped covers green agar is like the color of your room.


That’s some of the design and size of the table bar for the house minimalist. Make sure that the design you are going to wear fits the design from your home so as not to become a collision and make the house’s color composition and theme messy.

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