3 Types of Short-Term Investment Safe for Beginners

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Back when I was a kid, maybe Moms already knew the importance of saving early on. Well, now Moms also has to know how to invest, one of which is short-term investment.

Why is that? Now, investing can be easier and practical because it can be done anywhere and anytime.

Type of Short-Term Investment

There are several types of short-term investments, namely:


Is it familiar with deposits? Yes, investigation instrument these are indeed well known and widely used. Although these investment instruments have benefits Smaller, but worth the lower risk.

If Moms wants to set up short-term finance, so deposits can be an appropriate short-term investment instrument option. Deposits constitute collateral in the form of goods, money, or property to a bank or party trusted to deposit or use it, and then return it in natural form.


Next short-term investment instrument, i.e. reksadana. Moms still unfamiliar with this investment instrument? In fact, reksadana is now a fairly popular option for novice investors. Reksadana is a type of financial investment that consists of of a collection of money collected from many investors to be invested in securities.

Among them, such as stocks, bonds, market instruments money, stocks, and other assets. Nowadays, Moms can also find many apps for buy reksadana online. To this end, when Moms is interested in a tall investment short, then a reksadana can be an option.

Essentially, reksadana gives small investors access to a diversified and professionally managed portfolio at a low price. There are several kinds of reksadana too that Moms need to understand.

P2P Lending

Still unfamiliar with P2P (peer-to-peer) lending? Well, this constitute a short-term investment instrument that could also be Moms’ choice. Actually, what is meant by P2P lending?

Reported from Indonesian Financial Services Authority (OJK) home pageesia, fintech lending/peer-to-peer lending is a money lending service in rupiah currency directly between creditors and debtors based on information technology.

This P2P lending is also referred to as the Me Loan Service Money Based Information Technology (LPMUBTI).


Well, that’s an explanation about short-term investment yes need Moms understand. Is there now an overview of the investment to take? If it has, then it can start investing from now on, yes, Moms! Invest wisely and on target would certainly be more advantageous than just silencing savings in the bank alone.

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